Bastard Dawn

by Antarcht

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The second offering from the Antarcht cult - BASTARD DAWN


released July 30, 2015

BRJ - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
GHG - Guitars, Bass, Keys, Production
Infërnvz - Artwork



all rights reserved


Antarcht Eugene, Oregon

Formed in 2014, Antarcht is a two-man black metal project hailing from Eugene, Oregon.

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Track Name: Aborted Sunlight
Frail beings crawl forth from the sun’s infertile slit
Fetid afterbirth crying out to be fed
The knife, aimed at the heart of virtue,
To carve the corruption from the wound.

A pale dream, cut from the gleam in their veins,
Imparts the omen: “Embrace the dying of the light”

Let this gloom pierce their fragile shells
And bleed the essence from their souls.
Abandoned before the crypt
That houses the feeble corpse of man.
“What remains of thine righteous will?
As it festers within your barren womb.”

The cretins flock to the gates,
Where the messiah slid forth
Anointed in sacred discharge,
They devoured his heavenly limbs

The cretins flocked to the gates,
Where the messiah once slid forth
In a final remorseless act
They consumed her from within
Track Name: Hollow Mirage of Hope
Graven stares pierce the veil of lies.
Choirs sing in agony: anthems of open throats.
The sun will not rise,
And even so, it will surely set again.
Aspirations decay, as does the flesh.
Anticipation is a feeble dream.
Waking to the light of
Another bastard dawn.

Preachers of idle word:
May all your hopes be naught.
As staunch your tongues may be,
They cannot revive a dead heart
Shrouded in weary apathy,
Drowning in perpetual void.
With crestfallen desire,
It will leave a stain upon your souls

Why bathe in the light?
The gates of hell are open

Drown in worthlessness
Crippled by conscious torment
Hope is a hollow mirage
And only the grave shall see release

Torn apart, the vacant dreams
Frailty and weakness are all that shall be

Revel in grotesque fantasy
Salvation found in the blade’s edge
Hope is a hollow mirage
And pain shall never cease

Torn apart, the vacant dreams
Frailty and weakness are all that shall be

Loveless relics crumble
To dust, never to mourn
For that which isn’t lost,
But never was.
The blank night gazed back
Into the dark abyss
Inside this empty form
And saw itself within.