by Antarcht

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The debut black metal assault from ANTARCHT. Thank you to those who support us.

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released February 1, 2015

GHG - Guitars, Bass, Keys, Art Direction
BRJ - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Lyrics, Drum Programming

Bradley Tiffin - Mixing, Mastering



all rights reserved


Antarcht Eugene, Oregon

Formed in 2014, Antarcht is a two-man black metal project hailing from Eugene, Oregon.

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Track Name: Godless Epoch
Sightless, wretched dogma
Mutilation of the mind
Their light blinds eyes who shall never see the dark.
Putrescent Sects
of pitiful worship
Massive sepulchers where fools go to die

From the corners of the earth, they came
With tomes and knives in hand
Where they go, lunacy follows
This scar of mankind’s shame

Doctrines that rape the mind
Leaving it hollow and numb
As we lament the lost
We foster hate for their kind

Until our last breath
We’ll meet them with the death

Of their twisted convictions
Illness ingrained in faith
Long, agonizing years
War shall cure the affliction

Burn the cross
Their faith lies in ash
2000 years of ignorance
The Godless Epoch has arrived
Defile the star
Their words of filth
Will never be heard
The epoch of unrest shall end
Eclipse the moon
For their atrocities
Cannot be forgiven
The epoch of our reign begins
We need not your creeds
Not your lies and deceit
Condemnation of thine plague
Will bring the Godless Age

Ashes spread on the holy lands
Prayers unheard through sharpened steel
Kingdoms fall to heathen hands
Carrion crows flock to feast

Ashes spread on the holy lands
Entomb the once exalted idols
Where gods fear to tread
And where the godless reign!!!

No more shall faith prevail
Never will our era cease

Once condemned ways
Hold dominion over all
For all time to come, the Godless Epoch shall be
Track Name: Ritual of Withering Ruin
Altar hymns of ancient covens
Purifying human form through arcane ritual
Black blood, transcendent dagger
Release me from the curse of flesh

Heathen chanting echoes throughout the temple halls
Their shadows dance in the torchlight
The high priestess speaks, in an elder tongue,
The incantation of my doom
My body convulses, as my mind departs
Of nothingness and eternity I shall become

Depart the flesh
Deny the self
Be of nihility
And in infinity reign

Dagger pierce me, and drain me of all soul
Before this congregation, I seal my pact
To reject my corporeal form
And renounce this putrid world

Lay me upon the altar, unconscious and bare
Light it aflame so, to ashes, I burn
Rid the world of my essence
For I am the void, from which I’ll not return

Beyond life, beyond death
Beyond the furthest reaches of time
I’ve achieved the highest form
Greater than any manmade god
Through this ritual of withering ruin
Of nothingness and eternity I have become
Track Name: Harrowing Embrace
Black moors and squalid mires
Nameless voices berate and tear
Mine is lost
Worthless, a sordid being
These cancerous cries, they speak
In grave persuasion:

“He who is nothing,
Deserves nothing”

The tomb agape, as a wound open wide,
Calls to be filled, yearns to be whole
The temptation is great
Horrid screams escape my throat
A hearth, exhausted and weak
Soon to burn its last

The horrors I’ve seen
From the deepest, sanguine dream

Carving sigils upon the mind
Yet who shall ever read them
“No one”
Enticed by oblivion
Alone, I embrace the nihil
I embrace…

It is so cold
This is what I’ve earned

With tears of solemn reflection
Standing before the gates
Feel the winds of death
Bleak, tempestuous fate

The somber years of recollection
Numbing this hollow form
For too long it has eaten away
Through demise I shall be reborn

I shall go into this harrowing embrace
For nothing lies behind my steps
And I will wander through the blackest abyss
For this is my fate, this I deserve
Track Name: Await the Sovereign
Even from the light of day
Their cries still resonate
Echoes of blissful darkness and woe
Wistful memories
Of Immemorial blackness
Abandoned remnants of the endless night

Calling ever so loudly
I’ll serve this wail
Yearning for resurrection
Their wishes shall be fulfilled

From the void where radiance dies
Await the sovereign lords of all
A morbid tranquility of utter misanthropy
A dark salvation unobscured

Even from the break of dawn
Primeval spirits hold sway
Over bleak, esoteric forces of hate
Beyond the eyes of man
Into realms unrivaled
And spheres incomparable

From the void where radiance dies
Await the sovereign lords of all
A morbid tranquility of utter misanthropy
A dark salvation unobscured by human tongues

Even through forgotten times
And eras long departed
The ancient blackness stands watch
Waiting for the moment
When all decays into nihil
And the throne of malevolence is theirs

We will swallow all
No light will be spared
We walk beside death
Watching as all dies
We shall rise once more
From an ever dark past
And when the last star dies
Our reign will resume